5" Trophy Shad Swimbaits

5" Trophy Shad Swimbaits
Item# 5HBS

Product Description

5" Trophy Shad Swimbaits
The Trophy Shad Hollow Body Swimbait is soft, yet more tear resistant than other hollow body baits on the market. Trophy Shad's will shimmy from the body down to the tail giving the tail even more action to entice strikes. Recommended rigging is a 7/0 Weighted Swimbait hook.

Features include:

* Large but soft flexible body profile

* Broad paddle tail for extra thump and vibration

* Open hook slit in underbelly for less tearing

* True tracking even at high speeds (won't roll over)

* 3D holographic sealed eyes

5" Trophy Shads come packaged 4 per pack (Made in the USA)