6" Basstrix Hollow Body Swimbait

6" Basstrix Hollow Body Swimbait
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Product Description

6" Basstrix Hollow Body Swimbait
NEW 2021 Basstrix Hollow Bodied Paddletail swimbaits have been re-formulated for better, more consistent action and durability but still have the same color patterns that have been producing big limits year after year.

The Basstrix Paddletail Tube style Swimbaits are the original paddle tail swimbait lures that several manufacturers have tried but failed to perfectly replicate. The realistic finish, life-like holographic eyes and natural swimming undulation is the reason why the Basstrix Paddletail Hollow Bodies are the most sought after soft plastic swimbaits of their kind.

6" (5.25" Actual Length) 3 Per Pack

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