CoolBaits Lure Company Down Under UnderSpins Gold Series

CoolBaits Lure Company Down Under UnderSpins Gold Series
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CoolBaits Lure Company Down Under UnderSpins Gold Series
THE SECRET IS OUT! Once a California fishing tournament secret, Coolbaits Lures are now well known from coast to coast as the most versatile underspin lures on the market Right out of the package you'll notice the attention to detail that we put into the Coolbaits "Down Under" Underspin Lure while designing it. From the shore, the dock, or out on the fresh or salt water, Coolbaits can trick everything that swims


Available in 6 different sizes (1/8oz - 1oz) & 8 fish-catching colors

All Coolbaits utilize at least one UV400 Wormkeeper - Larger sizes have 2! This keeps your bait on the hook without ripping or tearing saving you time & moneyThe only underspin lure utilizing dual ball bearing swivels for maximum blade rotation - freefalling through a school of suspended bass, grinding in on boiling fish, or slow-rolling the bottom, these high-quality swivels & nickel-plated blades are always turning

Detailed design down to flared gills, custom paint/lure combos, premium 3D eyeballs, and a natural overall balance makes Coolbaits Lures trick 'em every time Mustad chemically sharpened opti-angle needlepoint Nor-Tempered 2x Hook for lighter weight, more strength, and optimal hook penetration and set

1/8 and 3/16 oz - 1/0

3/8 oz - 2/0

1/2 oz - 3/0

3/4 oz - 5/0

1 oz - 6/0