Crank Mid Roller 40F

Crank Mid Roller 40F
Item# DRCM40F

Product Description

Crank Mid Roller 40F
The Duo Realis Mid Roller 40F is a compact bodied square billed crankbait with a design adapted to fishing in high pressure areas, the Mid Roller is a new generation of small crank for targeting the shallow ranges. With its fixed weights, it offers superior casting distance and a staggered rolling action needed to entice bites in modern high pressure fishing areas.

Carefully positioned line eye to reduce hook snagging Floating (Fixed weight) enables lure to enact a soft rolling action needed to entice bites.

Depth 4 - 6 ft

Floating (Fixed Weight)

Length - 40mm (1-3/8in)

Weight - 3/16oz

Hook - #8