Spinbaits *Spybaiting* (Duo Realis)

Spinbaits *Spybaiting* (Duo Realis)
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The vehicle for spybaiting technique

The compact, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic body of Spinbaits produce significant parabolic momentum when cast; activates, multi-directional actions and vibrational wave lengths when retrieved. In a single cast, these built-in attributes allow Spinbait to trace deeper zones longer.

Paired propellers rotate against disks causing a distinct audible pitch and a compressed vibration called “micro-pulsing”.

The cupped propeller configuration displaces soft but turbid water along the lure’s body-line releasing what is called “plum-effect”. Plum-effect is actually detected by the bass frontal nerve network is striated through the fore-region of the bass helping the bass feel pressure and vibration. This sensory matrix integrates with the bass instinctive predatory and territory responses.

Uniquely shaped body halves and angled ballast induce a shimmer motion and subtle body rotation called “Passive minnow vibration”. This occurs when the lure is paused or allowed to free-fall to another depth.

The tracking of the lure is significantly straight and purposeful. However, slow motion video also shows the lure exhibiting a “listing action” which is called “body-flash”. This flashing or reflecting during the retrieve has the tempo of a casual unassuming feeding minnow. The objective to display a non-stressed, highly regulated minnow, the precursor to neutral mode activity.

In what is a culmination of our years long promotion of the spybaiting technique, last weekend`s Bassmaster Elite series event at St. Lawrence River has been won also with assistance of Realis Spinbait, helping the winner KVD getting also the biggest fish of the event over 6lbs smallmouth KVD won with the total weight of over 90lbs, one of the biggest smallmouth-only haul in the history of the tournaments.

(https://www.faceboo k.com/bass/videos/101554123886 95915/?hc_ref=ARQMn8qc0I6KpaLB Ig-GZhM4dzUwhPQtFIzSZYY3ibZrnw nq8iFWJ8idy6DxSeGoCe0)

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