Deps Silent Killer - Floating Model

Deps Silent Killer - Floating Model
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Deps Silent Killer - Floating Model
Deps Silent Killer 145/175

Weak wave, soft sound concept. Deadly trout bait "silent killer" created by a completely new manufacturing method from the concept of weak wave and soft sound, which is different from all big baits so far. Covered with a sublimated body material, a hollow core made of ABS resin and a realistic soft shell, this big bait has a unique soft sound and soft vibration and texture that is as close to the real thing as possible.

However, even in cranking, it clearly leads to a different dimension of bass to strike. The secondary action created by the soft shell that overhangs the front core body by elastically pushing back the rear body, and the unique life that the water through duct takes in the water flow from the face surface which a slight deflection. The feeling deceives the monster bass with it's quiet appeal. The irreplaceable characteristics of the "silent killer", which is neither realistic nor soft, makes the big bait game more reliable.

145 - 145mm / 1.6 oz 175 - 175mm / 2.5 oz