Dep's Silent Killer 115

Dep's Silent Killer 115
Item# dsk115

Product Description

Dep's Silent Killer 115
NEW 2021 MODEL - DEPS SILENT KILLER 115 The New Deps Silent Killer 115 is a deadly floating trout bait that leaves a subtle wake in its path and moves through the water quietly with a more natural sound than most big baits.

Deps has perfected a completely new manufacturing method and concept for big baits. Covered in a removable soft silicone skin, the ABS resin hollow core houses the weights on the underside which can easily be removed for tuning purposes. The soft-shell skin also strategically overhangs the front part of the body to keep the bait “Silent” and increase action.

The New Silent Killer features a spring weighted system that emits a faint knocking sound and vibration when the bait is paused.

The Silent Killer imitates an injured or weakened baitfish when retrieved or dead-sticked on the surface. The Silent Killer can be cranked down when fishing in windy or rough conditions. The strong square lip constructed of a polycarbonate deflects off cover easily and produces a sharp darting action.

Equipped with premium components and designed with a special attention to detail, the Deps Silent Killer has everything needed to catch giant bass.

Length - 115mm Weight - .70 oz

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