Evergreen Shower Blows SB-77.7

Evergreen Shower Blows SB-77.7
Item# egsb77

Product Description

Evergreen Shower Blows SB-77.7
The SB-77.7 is a NEW SIZE for the Summer of 2021 taking a downsized approach to the very effective larger versions of Shower Blows that have already proven themselves as effective topwater pencil style baits but in a more snack sized version.

Original Bill Design The inside of the bill powerfully pushes the water forward, continuously producing bubbly spit. The outside slaps the water sideways every time its neck moves. It features continuous water movement inside and out while in action.

Fat Tail Design The fat tail design applies the right amount of flotation to the weight thatís concentrated in the back. A near-horizontal floating position and gravity center in the back creates superior action response and generates continuous quick turns within a short moving distance.

Heaviest Tungsten Weight The heaviest tungsten ball is placed in the back of the body. This produces remarkable casting distance. Weight concentrated in the back means the lure is less likely to bounce off of and more likely to hook the bass.

Rattle Sound The low rumble of the tungsten ball and the high timbre of the steel ball create a piercing rattle that appeals to and attracts fish across a wide expanse.

Feather Hooks The feathers help support light and short bites. By creating resistance, feather hooks add sharpness to quick turn actions.

SB-77.7 Length - 3" Weight - 11/32oz Hooks - #7 Front / #6 Rear