Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F

Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F
Item# GGN160

Product Description

Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F
The NEW Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F is a three-segment hard plastic swimbait uniquely designed for versatility with it's removable bill. The floating design is converted into an enticing wakebait that can be worked around cover and structure. With the bill installed the bait can be cranked down to depths up to 6ft using 16lb fluorocarbon line.

One of the key features of the Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F is the cushioned joints at the body segments. These cushions eliminate the sound squeaking joints make bringing a more lifelike presentation for even greater success on those calmer days or pressured conditions. Additional features include: realistic paint schemes and swiveling hook hangers for increased landing ratios.

Weight - 1.87 oz Length - 6.25"