Geecrack Spiron Twin 4.8

Geecrack Spiron Twin 4.8
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Product Description

Geecrack Spiron Twin 4.8
The final design of the Spiron Twin's design was achieved after many revisions with Lake Biwa fishing guide, Norihito Yamashita The Spiron Twin is a twin tail grub which features a flat body designed to imitate a Bluegill. The thickness of the tail gradually increases as it reaches the rear of the bait so that as the bait rises, falls and swims through the water there is plenty of action to move water.

Use the Sprion Twin Texas rigged or as a rubber jig trailer

Geecrack's original S.A.F material is used in making the Spiron Twin which is the scent and taste that will cause the fish to hold onto the lure longer.

S.A.F = Salt + Amino + Flavor

Length - 4.8"

6 Per Pack