Geecrack Yam Stick

Geecrack Yam Stick
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Geecrack Yam Stick
Geecrack Yam Stick Pintail Worm

The pintail of the Yam Stick creates subtle waves with its irresistible quiver and its long body profile throws a great silhouette that appeals to fish. The thickness of the body is gradually increased toward the rear section moving a lot of water and is effective when rigged on a No Sinker Rig, Texas Rig and Jika Rig.

Heavy salt impregnation and loaded with Geecrack's signature S.A.F material (Salt + Aminos + Flavor) making them even more irresistible to fish!

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4.8" - 7 Per Pack

5.8" - 6 Per Pack