Megabass P5 Destroyer

Megabass P5 Destroyer
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Megabass P5 Destroyer
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Megabass P5 Series Destroyer Rods

In 1995, Yuki Ito prototyped the Destroyer of traditional bass rods, drawing upon his hand-carved ARMS to unleash an unrivaled fusion of craft and technological innovation upon the Japanese bass market. Each subsequent generation of Destroyer reached beyond the standards and conventions of their time to establish a new benchmark. Anglers across the country can now get their hands on the latest and most innovative generation of the Destroyer Series, the Megabass Destroyer P5 (JDM) Casting Rods.

The LAIHA program gave birth to a limited concept rod series in 2019, developed to test and refine standard-destroying technologies to push innovation past present limits. From this tireless effort the 5-D Graphite System was born. Representing a paradigm shift in the blank construction process, 5-D enables a more perfect realization of the Destroyer through a new method of patterning and layering unlocking untold potential.

Thus, with each generation, all change—especially destructive—is embraced in the technological pursuit of the angling ideal. Out of this cycle, the Megabass Destroyer P5 (JDM)Casting Rods rise anew to challenge anglers to new heights.

Key Features:

IBCS Minimalistic grip contours and stable short-trigger design allow for intuitive grip transitions as the angler moves through the cycle of casting, rod work, hookset and landing. Blank contact areas are maximized to deliver precise feedback without sacrificing control.

ZALDAIN 3D DYNAMICS PERFORMANCE GRIP Designed with input from B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler, Chris Zaldain, each hand-formed carbon fiber handle takes shape as if custom made for each angler’s hands providing comfortable contours for enhanced grip and the superior vibration transmission properties of carbon material.

DESTROYER 3D EMBLEM If you look closely, the brand-new Destroyer logo has been renewed. Once again, the new logo was painted by Yuki Ito with his brush refreshing the core philosophy of the series.

End Balancer Weight-saving improvements in blank construction, thread wrapping method reel seat and head locker design result in a lighter rod, which allows for lighter counterweights to achieve the ideal “Takumi” balance for each application.

5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM Newly developed through the experimental LAIHA project is the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM. As the name implies, this blank construction methodology leverages five prepreg patterns to best address five elements—vertical axis, horizontal axis, oblique axis, elongation, and elasticity—and combine each in a painstaking puzzle matrix to maximize the application-specific performance of every blank. The cohesiveness of each completed puzzle enables a fusion of disparate parts, reducing the unnecessary prepreg overlap of traditional patterning and layering. This not only reduces material waste; it allows for a more precisely smooth taper and seamless load transition for truly intuitive performance. Additionally, to further reduce unnecessary weight and improve performance, it utilizes a special thin-diameter fiber, which allows for tighter, more effective guide wraps to secure the Fuji Titanium frames with SiC-S Inserts. This minimizes any negative impact that hard epoxy guide wraps can have on the natural bend-curve of the blank.

HEAD LOCKING SYSTEM 3 Based on the machined-aluminum head-locking structure developed in the LAIHA concept project, the new Destroyer HEAD LOCKING SYSTEM 3 is the lightest of all Destroyer series to-date, minimizing any potential interference in blank resonance and vibration transmission through the reel, in addition to highlighting the purpose-built elegance of each rod model.


F1st-66XS Kirisame (light, finesse bottom contact rigs and jigging) 6'6" Light, Ex-Fast Taper, 3-6lb, 1/32-1/8 oz.

F1.5-72XS Baby Plugging (small hard baits, swimbaits, light dropshot) 7'2" light, fast taper, 3-6lb line, 3/32-7/16oz

F2-66XS Whippett (multi purpose "whip like" casts for finesse fishing) 6'6" light, fast taper, 3-10lb, 1/32-1/4oz

F3-611XS Landsat (dropshot and Neko rig rod with a gradual taper) 6'11" med-light, fast taper, 4-12lb, 1/16-3/8oz

F3.5-72XS Wind Buster (jerkbaits and hardballs, but incredibly sensitive for free rig, Shakey Head, weightless senko and dropshot) 7'2" Medium, med-fast taper, 6-16lb, 1/4-5/8oz


F3-610X Bait Finesse (Next generation HIEN, all around soft plastics Bait Finesse) 6'10" Med-Light, Med-fast taper, 6-14lb, 1/4-5/8oz

F3.5-70X Z-Crank Elseil (small crankbait, topwater and jerkbaits) 7' Medium, Regular taper, 8-16lb, 1/4-3/4oz

F4-65X OneTen Stick (Shorter Jerkbait rod for precision casts, hooksets and quick jerkbait response) 6'5" Medium, slow taper, 8-20lb, 1/4-3/4oz

F4.5-71X the Dark Sleeper (swim jig, small swimbait and spinnerbaits) 7'1" Med-Heavy, fast taper, 8-20lb, 1/4-1oz

F5-68X Blade (spinnerbaits, chatterbaits & swimjigs) 6'8" Med-Heavy, Med-fast taper, 10-25lb, 3/8-1oz

F5-70X MadBull (all around reaction rod for square bills, larger topwater, buzz baits, small swimbaits, mid cranks and larger jerkbaits) 7' Med-Heavy, regular taper, 10-25lb, 3/8-1oz

F5.5-72X X-Bites (highly sensitive bottom contact rod for jigs and worms) 7'2" Heavy, Ex-fast taper, 10-25lb, 1/4-1oz

F6-66X Killer Code (accurate casting big bait rod, I-wing, swimbaits, frogs) 6'6" Heavy, regular taper, 8-22lb, 3/8-2oz

F6-69X Super Destroyer (all around use rod for hard and soft baits) 6'9" Heavy, Med-fast taper, 12-25lb, 1/4-1.25oz

F6.5-67X Tachyon Shaft (jig rod concept for delivering fast and hard hook sets) 6'7" Heavy, regular taper, 12-25lb, 1/4-1.25oz

F7-70X Tequila Baccarac (all around heavy bait rod, swimbaits, frogs, A-rigs) 7' Ex-Heavy, regular taper, 12-30lb, 3/4-4oz