Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad
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Product Description

Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad
Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Gill

Triton Mike Bucca has created one of the most revered swimbait lineups on the U.S. market. Catch Co. and Mike Bucca worked to bring modified versions of his revolutionary swimbaits to the masses without compromising Mike's rigorous quality standards. The Bucca Baby Bull Shad is a collaboration between the two brands, a carefully crafted swimbait ready to make waves. The slow sinking multi-jointed swimbait is constructed of ABS plastic compared to the resin poured originals.

The Baby Bull Shad has a smooth, steady action when retrieving, allowing the bait to swim below the surface creating an "S" motion as it swims.

These baits were designed to throw using standard fishing equipment.

Length - 3.75" Weight - 1/2 oz