NEW 2023 Megabass USA Model P5 Destroyer

NEW 2023 Megabass USA Model P5 Destroyer
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NEW 2023 Megabass USA Model P5 Destroyer
NEW for 2023 Megabass USA Model P5 Destroyer

Rods all ship FedEx Ground, UPS or Priority Mail depending on size and distance at a Flat Rate Charge of $45 for shipping with insurance regardless of shipping method selected. If you are not able to receive certain carriers at your location please let us know. If you purchase more than one model shipping is still $45.

F4.1/2-611X ONETEN SPECIAL MSRP: $499 USD Length: 6’11” | Lure: 3/8 – 3/4oz | Line: 8 – 20lb | Power: Medium | Action: Fast *Designed to maximize the potential of the Vision Oneten jerkbait line, the proprietary 5D blank exhibits a crisply responsive—yet supple—action, much like a refined sportscar’s suspension equally at home on the road or track. Whether transmitting precision angler input or absorbing nerve-wracking head shakes, the Oneten Special loads with intuitive delight, inspiring instant confidence.

F5-72X DAEMOS MSRP: $499 USD Length: 7’2” | Lure: 3/8 – 1oz | Line: 8 – 20lb | Power: Medium+ | Action: Fast *With intuitive loading characteristics and a wellspring of power, the Daemos is a demonically accurate snipe-caster built to take single-hook applications to the next level. Ideal for swim jigs, spinner baits and buzzbaits, Daemos has the compact precision and toughness to dominate tight cover and structure situations.

F5-75X JAVELIN MSRP: $499 USD Length: 7’5” | Lure: 3/8 – 1oz | Line: 8 – 20lb | Power: Medium+ | Action: Medium Fast *Developed for treble-hook lure deployment at long ranges, Javelin has the length and power to set the hook at the end of a formidable cast—all while retaining that supple “give” necessary to keep finicky trebles pinned throughout the fight.

F6-73X FMJ MSRP: $499 USD Length: 7’3” | Lure: 3/8 – 1oz | Line: 10 – 25lb | Power: Medium-Heavy | Action: Fast *Built for bottom-contact domination, the FMJ delivers refined sensitivity, intuitive loading characteristics, and a silky-smooth power delivery. Designed with the perfect upper blank tension to navigate gnarly terrain and the ability to transmit contact and composition with surprising clarity, FMJ brings jigs to life with devastating effectiveness.

F7-75X BMG MSRP: $499 USD Length: 7’5” | Lure: 1/2 – 1.25oz | Line: 12 – 25lb | Power: Heavy | Action: Fast *FMJ’s bigger brother, BMG, unlike its sibling has a slightly softer tip section to facilitate bottom dragging with swing-heads, football jigs and Carolina rigs where a bit more “give” is required to prevent targets from feeling unnatural blank tension on the bite. BMG’s blank loads with decisive power for control over heavier jig offerings and powerful hooksets.

F7.1/2-76X MARK-56 MSRP: $525 USD Length: 7’6” | Lure: 3/4 – 3.5oz | Line: 15 – 30lb | Power: Heavy | Action: Medium Fast *Built to send five to eight-inch swimbaits and large treble hooked offerings into the unknown in search of trophy-class targets, the MARK-56 is a refinement of the previous generation MARK48 and a step up in both power and length from its JDM sibling, Tequila Baccarac. With beefed-up blank diameter for increased torque and an incomparably smooth 5D construction, MARK-56 loads effortlessly for intuitive cast performance and heavyweight fights, absorbing the fiercest head shakes with practiced calm.

F7.1/2-711X JUNGLE SEVEN MSRP: $525 USD Length: 7’11” | Lure: 1/2 – 2oz | Line: 15 – 30lb | Power: Heavy | Action: Medium Fast | 2pc Tactical Grip *Designed for flipping and light-pitching in and around jungle-cover areas with smooth power, intuitive feel, and perfect balance of torque, sensitivity and give. Refined tip section picks up light bites and imparts precise action, transferring load with nearly imperceptible ease into the torquey midsection and powerful base of the blank for decisive hooksets and one-sided fights.

F2.1/2-76XS FLYSSA MSRP: $499 USD Length: 7’6” | Lure: 1/16 – 3/8oz | Line: 4 – 10lb | Power: Light+ | Action: Fast *Renowned for its lithe and sensitive blank, FLYSSA is designed to manage light line applications with quiet confidence. Developed primarily for finesse swimbaits and hair jigs, FLYSSA’s 5-D construction also exhibits the kind of sensitivity and silky-smooth load transfer that excels in pressured deep-water situations.

F3.1/2-611XS ADDERMINE MSRP: $475 USD Length: 6’11” | Lure: 1/8 – 1/2oz | Line: 5 – 12lb | Power: Medium Light+ | Action: Ex. Fast *A master of finesse, the ADDERMINE’s aggressive taper blends a light tip, torquey midsection and powerful base into a cohesive whole, putting surprising sensitivity and intuitive control within your grasp. Proprietary 5D blank construction enables an impossibly smooth taper transition for a supple experience under load unlike any other.

IBCS Guided by angler bionomics, the Megabass original IBCS reel seat is an achievement in angler/equipment integration, ushering in a new era of comfort, utility, and performance. Minimalistic grip contours and stable short-trigger design allow for intuitive grip transitions as the angler moves through the cycle of casting, rod work, hookset and landing. Blank contact areas are maximized to deliver precise feedback without sacrificing control. Carefully formed squat-trigger design is wide and short to provide the grip you need to cast heavy lures and manage hard-pulling crankbaits.

Regardless of your preferred style, the new IBCS seat inspires confident grip for every situation.

MBCS Drawing strength from the robust structure of the Megane-bashi in Nagasaki, known as Japan’s oldest arched stone bridge, Yuki Ito channeled time-tested design into the development of the MBCS spinning reel seat. Featuring a curved shape that is a marriage of structural integrity and human form, MBCS rises from the blank to fit perfectly into the palm. This ergonomic fit not only increases grip and leverage for rod work and fighting fish, it transmits feedback by maximizing contact points between angler and equipment. Further, the palming grip encouraged by the MBCS is an anchor against torsional force, enabling greater control.

The exquisite contours of the MBCS are reinforced by an internal structure that ensures maximum strength and rigidity with minimal weight, allowing the full benefits of the reel seat’s arched shape to be realized without excess material. Exposed blank section, palming contact and next-level control deliver the kind of intuitive feel required by finesse fishing in the toughest tournaments, carrying angling awareness into the depths.

MEGABASS 3D DYNAMICS PERFORMANCE GRIP Inspired by pro angler’s battles in the top echelons of the world's oldest and toughest bass fishing circuit, the B.A.S.S. Elite Series, MEGABASS 3D DYNAMICS strives towards a more perfect union of angler and equipment. Each hand-formed carbon fiber handle takes shape as if custom made for each angler’s hands, providing comfortable contours for enhanced grip and the superior vibration transmission properties of carbon material.

DESTROYER 3D EMBLEM If you look closely, the brand-new Destroyer® logo has been renewed. Once again, the new logo was painted by Yuki Ito with his brush, refreshing the core philosophy of the series. The new emblem is crafted from a three-dimensional solid plate, with artwork overlaid on each blank to reflect the depth of Destroyer® history.

DESTROYER ORIGINAL TIGHT THREADING FUJI TITANIUM FRAME SiC-S GUIDE THREAD COLOR BASE : AIRFORCE-SCURO PINLINE : KISHUBUSSIN-PURPLE OUTER TRIM : STREAM GALAXY To further reduce unnecessary weight and improve performance, the Destroyer® utilizes a smaller-diameter thread made of special fiber, which allows for tighter, more effective guide wraps. This not only minimizes the wrap area and associated epoxy to reduce weight—it minimizes any negative impact that hard epoxy guide wraps can have on the natural bend-curve of the blank. The result is a smoother, more intuitive blank with minimalistic threading for maximum strength and performance.

END BALANCER (COLOR:BRONZE METEO) Weight-saving improvements in blank construction, thread wrapping method, reel seat and head locker design result in a lighter rod, which allows for lighter counterweights to achieve the ideal “Takumi” balance for each application. Even the F6-69X, which is balanced for a tip-up posture for heavy-cover applications utilizes a mere 8g counterweight contained in the END BALANCER’s machined metal form. To reflect this achievement, the shining gold end cap emblem of previous generations has been updated to an understated "Bronze Meteo" finish.

5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM The 5D system is designed with five performance-optimized panels: #1 for high tension in the longitudinal direction, #2 for 45-degree torsional rigidity to the right, #3 for 45-degree torsional rigidity to the left, #4 for lateral stiffness, and #5 for high longitudinal elasticity. The five panels are then painstakingly arranged to maximize and integrate the distinct performance characteristics of each panel into a cohesive whole, forming a completed puzzle that reduces the unnecessary prepreg overlap of traditional patterning and layering. This not only reduces material waste; it allows for a smoother and more precise taper, seamless load transition and a wellspring of power for intuitive outperformance.

DESTROYER HEAD LOCKING SYSTEM 3 Based on the machined-aluminum head-locking structure developed in the LAIHA concept project, the new Destroyer® HEAD LOCKING SYSTEM 3 is optimized for production status. The structure is the lightest of all Destroyer® series to-date, minimizing any potential interference in blank resonance and vibration transmission through the reel, in addition to highlighting the purpose-built elegance of each rod model.