Nomase Wakasagi

Nomase Wakasagi
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Product Description

Nomase Wakasagi
The NOMASE WAKASAGI is a Smelt shaped bait that uses a single snagless hook that is provided with the lure. It is designed to be used on the back line eye and if necessary, the lure can be fitted with a treble hook as well.

The body is made of durable elastomer which gives the NOMASE WAKASAGI flexibility and agility that give it a natural movement in the water. The elongated shape of the body also allows fluid natural motion.

The metal core of the lure is another signature feature of the NOMASE WAKASAGI which gives the angler the ability to maneuver and control the lure in a way that cannot be done with standard soft baits.

Length - 3 1/2"

Weight - 2/5 oz