Roman Made South Premium

Roman Made South Premium
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Roman Made South Premium
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Roman Made South Premium Swimbaits are a Gill Shaped Swimbait. named after south lake in Lake Biwa. The bass that preys on the bluegill that is floating as the sound is made when fishing in the south on the lake side by several is often seen. Here was paid to attention and we started making the South. The existence of the lure is noticed compared with the bass that hides in Weed because of a pop sound in which the sound and air are bound and BlueGill reacts.Several-time restyling was done subject to these, and it became the current shape. Catching by irritate or high-speed retrieve. This is real pleasure of South.

How To Use

- Dead Sticking & Jerk Of Strengthening It moves voluntarily on the surface of the water by the wave, the change in the water current, the wind, and the line tension, etc. An intense jerk is put when the fish is drawn with dead sticking, do geostationary, and shows it. By this repetition, The bluegill in water approaches South and in surprise running away by an intense jerk, bass under that switches on. It irritates and captures. This is the maximum arms of South.

- SLOW RETRIEVE This moves in the surface of the water in a relaxed manner, and produces a wide-open bluegill that gets lost from the crowd.

- FAST RETRIEVE It often twines surprisingly with water though it is lip-less. The bass explodes the surface of the water and attacks it because of the sound of joint the feature before in which it has not heard by the threat, the attack, and the seen power. A peculiar joint sound and high-speed movement of South that synchronizes with it stimulates the instinct of the bass.