Salmon / Steelhead Scent Locker

Salmon / Steelhead Scent Locker
Item# SSSL

Product Description

Salmon / Steelhead Scent Locker
Scent Locker is a specialized storage container which was developed for storing and protecting messy, smelly, scent attractants that are used when fishing for Salmon or Steelhead.


***Fishing products/containers are pictured but not included with Scent Locker

***The plastic lip underneath the lid may need to be trimmed with a box cutter to make room for the round 4oz sized bottles stored on the outside of the container

The Scent Locker container is a place to store these products together in the upright position to help contain any spillage and helps preserve them since they can be stored together in an ice chest without making a mess in your cooler.

Each cut out is universally designed to hold the container variations that a majority of companies use for these products. Also, they come with the knock out plugs so compartments that are not in use can be filled in if desired.

Foam storage inserts are designed for use with the 7 quart Sterilite containers # 19220414 Sterilite storage containers can be purchased separately and are available at many department and hardware stores.

*You can purchase the Scent Locker foam insert by itself or with the container (Shipping discount applied after checkout for insert only purchases)

The Scent Locker features:

Compact design saves space and eliminates clutter

Helps to minimize odors and contain messes from spillage

Removable, durable foam compartment inserts for easy removal and clean ups

Containers are stack-able together when using more than one

Heavy Duty snap close latch handles on storage containers

Storage compartments include:

6 round compartments hold 4 oz bottles (Mikes Lunker Lotion or Super Scent, Smelly Jelly, Pro Cure Super Sauce, Northwest Gray Bills, Fire Dye, Pops, etc..)

2 round compartments hold 8 oz bottles (Super Dipping Sauce)

3 oval compartments hold 4 oz bottles (Pro-Cure)

4 oval compartments hold 2 oz bottles (Mikes, Pro-Cure)