Spinbait 60 Grade A

Spinbait 60 Grade  A
Item# sb60

Product Description

Spinbait 60 Grade  A
NEW REALIS SPINBAIT 60 Grade A Realis Spinbait 60 Grade A

Length 60 mm

Weight 1/4oz / 6.4g

Type Center of gravity fixed / thinking

Hook #10

Ring Line eye # 2 hook eye # 2

Midst hard bait with metallic sound that enables weak roll action in the middle layer

The existing Spinbait 60 is "static". The wing model Spinbait 60 has the same body shape as "motion", but the difference in movement is possible due to the weight and the size of the pella and rotation is possible. The Aiba model Spinbait 60 is a middle layer and is rolled with a super finesse technique "Mid Straw Ring" as well as it is possible to induce a bite of a midd bus as well as a just rolled Mido plug.

The rolling bait & feather hook appeals to the large mouse bus as well as the small mouse bus by firmly covering from under the surface to the bottom threadless. In addition, the weak metal sound that occurs when the pella rotates is also a priority sound.