Vision 110+2 Jerkbaits

Vision 110+2 Jerkbaits
Item# MV1102

Product Description

Vision 110+2 Jerkbaits
The ONETEN+2 delivers the ONETENís legendary jerkbait action into the strike-zone of a new class of suspended bass. Designed to target the 12ft range on 12lb fluoro, the ONETEN+2 showcases the same erratic action, responsiveness and unrivaled performance as the ONETEN jerkbait.

Painstakingly-developed lip and patented tungsten balancer system power bombing casts, steep dive-angle and nimble retrieves, sending the ONETENís exquisitely-finished body into the depths to target game-changing largemouth and smallmouth bass.

The VISION ONETEN+2: The legend just got even deeper

Length 4 1/3"

Weight 1/2 oz

Depth 12-16 ft