Vibration 62 / 68 Apex Tune

Vibration 62 / 68 Apex Tune
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Vibration 62 / 68 Apex Tune
For several years the Realis Vibration 62 / 68 has belonged among the favorite lipless crankbaits of Realis Pro Aaron Martens.

The Apex Tune is a silent running lipless crankbait and is the result of his many years as a bass angling expertise as an angling legend. The Apex Tune is a big bite lure in a smaller package. It has a signature swim action with a soft deflection and a descent rate that gives the desired reverberation and quiver. The design of the Apex Tune also creates a response rate that is almost immediate when the reel handle is turned.

The line tie has also been moved back, thus lifting the running posture making the lure more snag-free.