Googan Baits
$10 Soft Plastic Lure Gift Package
$20 Soft Plastic Lure Gift Package
$30 Soft Plastic Plastic Lure Gift Package
$40 Soft Plastic Lure Gift Package
$50 Soft Plastic Lure Gift Package
1" Grub
1" Sassy Shad
10" Mondo Worm
13 Fishing Concept A3 Gen II
13 Fishing Headwear
13 Fishing Jabber Jaw 60 Squarebill
13 Fishing Rod Tie
2" Grub
2" Sassy Shad
2.5" Curl Tail Minnow
2021 Daiwa Zillion SV TW
3" Curl Tail Minnow
3" Drum Stix
3" Grub
3" Minnow
3" Real Craw
3" Spark Shad
3.5" Swim'n Minnow
3.8 Saucy Swimmer
3.8" Speed Shad
4" Bandito Bug
4" Craw Tube
4" Curl Tail Minnow
4" Drag n Drop Worm
4" Fat Craw Tube
4" Fat Stix
4" Grub
4" Jerk Minnow
4" Krackin' Craw
4" Minnow
4" Real Craw
4" Rib Worm
4" Ribbed Tube
4" Ring Tube
4" Sassy Shad
4" Spark Shad
4" Torpedo Craw
4.8" Speed Shad
5" Fat Stix
5" Grub
5" Minnow
5" Sassy Shad
5" Swim'n Minnow
5" Timber Hogz
5" Trophy Shad Swimbaits
5" Twin Tail Grub
6 "Fat Stix
6 Piece Panfish Spinner Lure Kit
6 Section Hard Bodied Swimbaits - 5 Piece Set
6" Big Hawg
6" Curl Tail Worm
6" Grub
6" Money Worm
6" Pro Series Lizard
6" Sassy Shad
6" Slim Shake Worm
6" Trench Hawg
7" Fat Stix
7" Jerk Minnow
8" Grub
8" Pro Series Lizard
9" Sassy Shad
Accu Cull ALL-N-ONE Mini Hook, Weight and Drop Shot Weight Holder
Accu Cull Digital Scale with Mini Grip
Accu Cull Elite E-Con Tags Tournament Culling System
Accu Cull Elite Econ Tag Mod Kit Tournament Culling System
Accu Cull Mini Grip Lip Grip
Accu Cull Tournament Culling Weight Recorder
Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag with Mesh Insert
Adult Size Cotton Hats W/Three Rivers Tackle
Adult Sized Performance Hat with Logo
AMP Deep Runner
AMP Mid Runner
AMP Shallow Crank
AMP Stay80
AMP Wake
AMP Wake Jr
Apex Crank 66 Squared
Apex Vibe 100 Lipless
Awabi Limited Series Spinbaits 80 / 80 g-fix / 90
Bargain Box
Bass Tackle Kits & Gift Packs
Bassmaster Classic Limited Edition Vision 110
Beaver Craw - 3.5"
Berkley 2" Grubs
Berkley MaxScent Flat Worm
Big Beaver Craw
Big Bite Baits 6" Biobait Finesse Worms
Biovex 7" Kolt Glider
Biovex Joint Bait 110 SF Swimbait
Biovex Joint Bait 142 SF Swimbait
Biovex Joint Bait 176 SF Swimbait
Biovex Joint Gill 90 SS
Booyah One Knocker - 1/2oz
Cal Coast Battle Box - Terminal Tackle Storage
Cal Coast Clip n Cull 2.0 - Complete Kit
Cal Coast Clip n Cull Retro Fit Cull Tags
Champion Extreme HP Series
Champion Series
Concept A
Concept A2
Concept BOSS
Concept C
Concept C2
Concept E
Concept Series Deep Spools
Concept Z Reel
Concept Z SLIDE
CoolBaits Lure Company Down Under UnderSpins Gold Series
CoolBaits Lure Company Down Under UnderSpins Silver Series
Crank G87 15A
Crank G87 20A
Crank Mid Roller 40F
Crankbaits (Biovex)
Crankbaits (Duo Realis)
Crankbaits (XCalibur)
Creature Baits & Tubes
Creed GT
Creed K
Creed X
Daiwa Kage LT
Daiwa Legalis LT
Daiwa Tactical Lure Organizer Case
Daiwa Tatula 300
Daiwa Tatula CT
Dark Sleeper 3"
Dark Sleeper 3.8" - 3/4oz
Deka Nomase Gill
Dep's Bull Slide
Deps 115 Slide Swimmer
Deps Bull Flat
Deps Bullshooter 160 Slow Sink Glide Bait
Deps Cover Scat
Deps Evoke 1.2 Squarebill Crankbait
Deps MT WAKE Wake Bait
Deps Sakamata Shad 5" HEAVY WEIGHT
Deps Sakamata Shad 6"
Deps Silent Killer - Floating Model
Deps Slide Swimmer 145
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 250
Deps Tiny Bulldoze
Deps Tiny Bullshooter
Diver Vibe 65 or 80 Silent Blade Style Jigging Baits
Dobyns Rods
Duo Realis Baits
Duo Realis Boostar Wake 3.5" or 5"
Duo Realis Cambiospin 3/8 oz
Duo Realis Limited Edition Great Lakes Series Spinbaits
Duo Realis Onimasu 188F Floating Swimbait
Duo Realis Reversible Lure Cases
Duo Realis Wriggle Crawler 4.8"
Dyna Response Blade Baits
Evergreen / Zman Stealth Blade Jack Hammer
Finesse Shroomz
Finesse TRD
Fisherman's Thumb - Neoprene Thumb Protector
Flip Clip
Freshwater Jigheads
Frogs, Toads & Rats
Fury Series
Geecrack 3.5" Bellows Craw
Geecrack Bao Bab Hog EX Creature Bait
Geecrack Bellows Gill - 2.8
Geecrack Bellows Gill 3.8
Geecrack Bellows Gill 5.8
Geecrack Bellows Stick
Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait
Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F
Geecrack LV Solar Flare Bellows Craw / Gill
Geecrack Spiron Twin 4.8
Glassy Vibe
Gold Plated Jig
Googan Baits
Hagen's 30" Hawg Trough with TRT Logo
Holiday/Birthday Gift Packages
Hollow Body Curl Tail Minnow - 4 1/2"
Hollow Body Curl Tail Minnow - 5 1/2"
Hollow Body Grub Tail Swimbait - 4 1/2"
Hollow Body Grub Tail Swimbait - 5 1/2"
Hooks & Jigheads
Huddleston Deluxe 10" Trout
Huddleston Deluxe 68 Special TH
Huddleston Deluxe 68 Special Weedless
Huk Neck Gaiters
Huk Performance Fishing Apparel
Huk Performance Hoodies - Full Kryptek Pattern
I-Class Series Spinbait 80
I-Class Spinbait 100
I-Class Spinbait 90
ima Flit 100 Jerkbaits
Ima Lures Skimmer
Jerkbait 100DR
Jerkbait 100SP
Jerkbait 110SP
Jerkbait 120SP
Jerkbait 85SP
Jewel Gem Blade 3/8oz
Jigs / Chatterbaits
JSJ Pack Rats
Kabuki 50 SSR
Kabuki 55 SR
Keitech Fat Swing Impact - 3.8"
Knock Knock Series Lipless Crankbaits
Lifted Jigs 1/2 oz Football Jigs
Lifted Jigs NED EWG Jig Heads
Limited Edition Megabass Vision 110 - GP Tequila Shad
Limited Edition Megabass Vision 110 - IL Sirius
Lucky Craft LV500 Lipless Crankbait
M62 5A
M65 11A
M65 8A
Magnetic Lanyard
Megabait Charlie Swimbait 4"
Megabait Charlie Swimbait 5"
Megabait Charlie Swimbait 6"
Megabass 3" Hazedong Shad
Megabass 3" Rock Hog
Megabass Big Gabot Frog
Megabass Body Balance Swimbait Jig Heads
Megabass Clear Pouch Storage Case
Megabass Limited Edition Psychic Camo - Midnight Tiger
Megabass Magdraft 6"
Megabass Magdraft Freestyle 6"
Megabass Multi Inner Case
Megabass Respect Series Popmax - Cuba Libre
Megabass Respect Series Popmax - GP Tanagon
Megabass Respect Series Popmax - SG Kasumi Reaction
Megabass Respect Series Vision 110 - Cuba Libre
Megabass Respect Series Vision 110 - GP Tanagon
Megabass Respect Series Vision 110 - SG Kasumi Reaction
Megabass Respect Series Vision 110 Jr - GP Tanagon
Megabass Vision 110 + 1 Jr
Mexico Bass Fishing Trips
Mike Bucca Baby Bull Gill
Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad
Minnow Baits
Ned Stix
No8 Tackle Fishing Rod Tie
Nomase Gill
Nomase Gill Shad
Nomase Wakasagi
ODS 4 Section Jointed Swimbaits
Okashira Head - 1/8 oz
Okashira Screwhead
Origin A
Origin C
Panfish Jigs
Performance Blend T-shirts
Picasso Shock Blade Pro
Plastics Color Chart
Ploppin Toad Toter
Pond Pounder Frogs
Premium Blade Baits
Premium Blade Baits
Pro Flex 5
Queen Tackle Tungsten Rattling Hammerhead Jigs
Rattlin' Ned Worm
Real Fish Jigs
Rebel Pop R 2 1/2"
Reel Snot Reel & Line Lubricant
Reels - Casting
Ripple Tail Grub - 4"
River2Sea Bully WA II / 55
River2Sea Bully WA II / 65
River2Sea S-Waver 168S Swimbait
River2Sea Spittin' WA 55
River2sea Tango Propeller 78f - 7/16oz
River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110
River2Sea Whopper Plopper 60
River2Sea Whopper Plopper 75
River2Sea Whopper Plopper 90
Rod Sox - Casting Rods
Rod Sox - Spinning Rods
Roman Made Negotiator
Roman Made Negotiator Premium
Roman Made Premium Negotiator - David San T
Rozante 63SP
Rozante 77SP
S-Crank 1.5 Squarbill
Salmon / Steelhead Scent Locker
Sassy Shad Swimbaits
Savvy Series
Scent Locker - Scents, Dyes, Glue & Reel Lubricants Container
Shad 62DR
Shad Darts
Shimano Metanium DC
Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B
Sierra Micro Guide Series
Sierra Series
Small Rubber Jig
Sonic Toad
Spearhead Ryuki Quattro 70S Jointed Swimbait
Spearpoint Performance Hooks - EWG
Spearpoint Performance Hooks - GP Finesse
Spearpoint Tough Bag Weigh-In Bag
Speedy Shad
Speedy Shad - 3.5"
Spinbait 60 Grade A
Spinbait 72 Alpha
Spinbait 80
Spinbait 80 G-FIX
Spinbait 90
Spinbaits *Spybaiting* (Duo Realis)
Spinning Reels
Sprinker Frog Tails
Spro RkCrawler 55
Spro RkCrawler MD55
Super-Z Z1
Super-Z Z2
Swimbaits Hardbody
Swimbaits & Jerkbaits - Softbody
Tactical DD Crankbait
Teckel Choker Frogs
Teckel Duckroaker Popping Frog
Teckel Kicknocker
Teckel Sprinker Frogs
TH Marine G-Juice Livewell Treatment 1oz
Topwater Baits
Tournament Contest Banners
TRD Crawz
Trench Hawg
Trick Kits & Components
Trick Stix
Tricky Minnow
Trigger Trout
Trophy Lures Largemouth Bass Tackle Kit - 256 Pieces
Trophy Lures LM / SM Bass Tackle Kit - 230 Pieces
Trophy Lures Smallmouth Bass Tackle Kit - 224 Pieces
Trout Worm - 3"
TRT Gift Cards
TRT Laced Neck Hoodies
TRT Leather Patch Hats
Vibration 62 / 68 Apex Tune
Vibration 62 G-Fix Lipless
Vibration 62 Lipless
Vibration 65 Nitro Lipless
Vibration 68 G-Fix Lipless
Vibration 68 Lipless - Limited Quantities
Vinyl Window Sticker - 4"
Vinyl Window Sticker - 7"
Vision 110 Jerkbaits
Vision 110 Matte Finish Jerkbaits
Vision 110 Silent Jerkbaits
Vision 110+1 Jerkbaits
Vision 110+2 Jerkbaits
Wacky Worm Rigging Tool
Worms - Assorted Styles
XCalibur Square Bill Silent Crankbaits - 2" 1/2oz
XCalibur Xr25 Series Lipless Crankbaits
XCalibur Xr50 Real Craw Series Lipless Crankbaits - 5/8oz
XCalibur Xrk Series One Knocker Lipless Crankbaits
XCalibur ZellPop XZ3 Popper - 3"
Xtasy Series
YOLOtek Telescoping Powerstick Kit for GoPro
Z Man
Z-Man / Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbait
Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom CFL
Zman Bait LockerZ Soft Plastics Storage Tackle Box