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Megabass Limited Edition Respect Series #64: Sakura Coach

Megabass Limited Edition Respect Series #64: Sakura Coach

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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ATTENTION: Due to an extremely limited supply, there is a limit of one of each bait per person & household.

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Sakura Coach is a spring special color that was included in the seasonal limited project "Sakura Dynamites" that was released around 2010. 
It is a popular coloring along with the previously introduced Sakura Viper and Sakura Ghost. The classic color of old top water plugs, the Coach Dog, is expressed in bright pink, creating a beautiful finish reminiscent of falling cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom petal icon that symbolizes the series is also impressive, and while the Sakura Viper and Ghost lures usually have the icon placed on the side, only the Sakura Coach has it placed on the back.
A color scheme with a high reaction effect is particularly effective when capturing big bass in the spring with an eye to spawning, but it would also be interesting to add it to the color rotation for top water games in early summer. This color was originally produced in limited quantities, so this should be a welcome reprint for core fans.

Set of 11 includes:

  • Deep-X 150
  • Dog-X Speed Slide
  • Giant Dog-X
  • Megadog-X
  • Popmax
  • PopX
  • Prop Darter 80
  • SuWitch
  • Vision Oneten
  • Vision Oneten Jr
  • Vision Q-Go


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Customer Reviews

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Jed Yarbrough
Another Awesome Megabass Respect Series Color

Sakura Coach is an AWESOME color made by Megabass. Largemouth Bass LOVE the color,but the lures are to pretty to fish with! Highly Recommend This Color.Hope Megabass reissues it again someday!