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Limited Edition Megabass Respect Series #53: Pink Back Frozen Hasu

Limited Edition Megabass Respect Series #53: Pink Back Frozen Hasu

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The Pink Back Frozen Hasu is a custom color that combines a flashy pink back based on the Frozen Lotus that exists in the Mega Dog X, which was released in 2022.

The world's first transformation joint bait, SuWitch, which also appeared in 2022, is adopted, and it is a valuable color that is still in circulation on the market. In general, many colors imitated with lotus are metallic with an emphasis on flashing, but this color dares to emphasize water familiarity with a clear base that suppresses flashing. In addition, the fluorescent pink on the back not only has a simple attractor effect, but also improves visibility for the angler to trace.

The greatest advantage of this color is that it has a good balance of appeal and naturalness, and it also has a high degree of versatility regardless of the season or field. In addition, while the base frozen lotus has a matte finish, this one has different characteristics other than the gloss finish and the fluorescent pink on the back. It is very rare for the latest Megabass color to appear in the Respect color, but this is the first color to be used for anything other than the SuWitch, so it is a color that cannot be overlooked.

Full Set purchase will include one each of the following baits:

1) Deep-X 200 LBO

2) Giant Dog-X

3) I-Wing 135

4) Live-X Model 1

5) Megadog-X

6) Popmax

7) Pop X

8) Vibration-X Ultra

9) Ito Vision 110

10) X-Nanahan

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