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Vibration 62 G-Fix Lipless - 2_1/2" (1/2oz)
Vibration 68 Lipless  - 2_5/8"  (5/8oz)
Vibration 68 G-Fix Lipless - 2_5/8" (3/4oz)
3.8" Speed Shad
Regular price: $5.49
Sale price: $4.49
Scent Locker - Scents, Dyes, Glue & Reel Lubricants Container
Regular price: $21.95
Sale price: $17.95
5" Trophy Shad
Regular price: $8.95
Sale price: $7.25
Fury Series
Salmon / Steelhead Scent Locker
Champion Series
Regular price: $229.99
Sale price: $207.99
Concept A
Regular price: $174.95
Sale price: $164.95
Concept C
Regular price: $229.95
Sale price: $219.95
Smallmouth Bass Starter Pack - 310 Pieces
Regular price: $169.25
Sale price: $149.95
Largemouth Bass Starter Pack - 242 Pieces
Regular price: $183.95
Sale price: $149.95
Largemouth / Smallmouth Bass Combo Starter Pack - 265 Pieces
Regular price: $182.00
Sale price: $159.95

    Reason to shop from us!

At Three Rivers Tackle we put lures in our store that put fish in your boat because we want you to have the best fishing experience possible which is why we only offer a selection of premium quality tackle and gear.

Our lure and gear selection was put together through careful selection and research using input from both professional and avid anglers across the country. Using this information we sell lures that have been tried and true for them time and again. Three Rivers Tackle continues to put together some of the best tackle and gear available to help you "Catch Your Best".

This includes a large variety of Soft Plastic Bass Baits with specialty styles and colors all manufactured inside the United States which many of our clientele have used to catch their personal bests.

In addition to the Trophy Lures soft plastic baits line up we also carry some hard to find Crankbaits, Japanese Hard Baits, Spinnerbaits and Swimbaits.

Most sporting goods stores are all alike and will stock the same mass produced lures as the next one down the road. Although there are many good lures to choose from its the same thing over and over which means the fish are seeing the same thing over and over again.

On the inner circles you will hear about lure selections color choices, etc that that are catching fish and winning tournaments but are kept on the down low for that reason. Many of these lures are harder to find but can be a real gold mine giving you the edge you need out on the water.

New inventory and color choices are continually being added to the website and you can also send us an email inquiry about color choices you see on the color chart but are not offered in your desired soft plastic bait selection to see whether or not we can make them available to you.

For International orders, we will contact you with a shipping estimate on the items in your cart once the order has been placed or you can email any questions you have.

You can follow Three Rivers Tackle on Facebook where we post some of our new inventory as well as monthly specials and promotions that we are having. Feel free to email us pictures of your catches using our baits and any questions or comments that you have.

Business Hours are 9 - 5 M-F (after hours & Saturdays by appointment, phone 509-948-8787)

We are located at: 4345 Twin Lakes Ct West Richland, WA. 99353

(Off of Bombimg Range Rd between Keene & Kennedy)