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6th Sense

6th Sense Panorama

6th Sense Panorama

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The Panorama brings forth innovation and realism in a category soon to be a staple in the industry. The 6th Sense Lure Lab set out to create the most realistic and universal soft plastic that matches all sizes and colors of any forage, anywhere. The innovative realistic body design, blended with the perfect plastic consistency, allows the Panorama to have fluid movement in the water no matter how you choose to rig it.

Accompany that motion with unmatched realistic paint schemes, different size presentations, and unlimited ways to rig it. The Panorama will quickly have a permanent spot in your boat no matter what waters and depth you’re fishing.

Whether you are on the bank, dragging bottom or chasing suspended fish with forward facing sonar. The possibilities are endless when rigging the Panorama, so go out there and present those fish with a creative perspective.

Nicknamed the ‘Prototype’ by big bass hunter and Team 6 member Josh Jones, the 6th Sense Panorama Shad brings cutting-edge innovation and realism to a new bait category that’s soon to become a staple in the industry. Designed to be the most realistic and universal soft plastic baitfish imitation, the Panorama Shad was originally built for forward-facing sonar fishing on a drop shot but excels with a variety of rigging methods thanks to its uniquely thin profile.

A bait that has accounted for over half of Josh’s double-digit catches within the past year, Josh describes the profile of the Panorama Shad as a combination of a swimbait and spoon and says he hasn’t found a technique that this bait hasn’t worked on. He prefers to throw the 5” size on a drop shot with spinning gear and live sonar, power shot the 6.5” size and flip cover with a 4/0 Texas-rig hook, and Texas rig the 9” size with an 11/0 hook and pegged 1/2oz weight fishing it on the bottom much like a spoon.

The innovative and incredibly realistic body design is poured using the perfect plastic consistency that allows the Panorama to have fluid movement in the water no matter how you choose to rig it. Available in highly realistic paint schemes and different size presentations, the 6th Sense Panorama Shad provides anglers with endless rigging options whether you’re fishing from the bank, dragging bottom, or chasing suspended fish on forward-facing sonar.

2.0" & 2.8" - 8 Per Pack
3.5" - 6 Per Pack
5" - 3 Per Pack
6.5" - 2 Per pack
9" - 1 Per Pack

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