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Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer

Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Geecrack Bellows Swimmer Swimbait 

Building on the success of the popular Bellows Gill profile, the Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer is an exciting evolution that features a paddle tail to create an enticing swimming action, opening the door for new presentations. Molded with heavy ribbing along the top and a split belly with smaller ribbing on the bottom, the Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer is designed to accommodate a belly weighted EWG swimbait hook, which creates a natural vertical swimming action that perfectly mimics a juvenile bluegill or panfish.

It is also made with Geecrack’s signature SAF material that utilizes a combination of Salt, Aminos, and Flavor to produce a scent and texture that helps tripper more bites and makes fish not let go. The special formula helps impart the right level of buoyancy to keep the bait running true as well. Offered in multiple big bass catching colors, the Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer is sure to put more lunkers in your livewell.

- Geecrack recommends using 5/0 weighted EWG swimbait hook for the 4.2" size.

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