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Blade-Runner Tackle Hollow Body Swimbait Insert

Blade-Runner Tackle Hollow Body Swimbait Insert

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Blade-Runner Tackle Hollow Body Weighted Swimbait Inserts are a necessity for anglers fishing Hollow Bodied Swimbaits with exposed hooks.
The harness conceals itself inside the swimbait and ensures maximum hook exposure when you are not running your bait through heavy cover.
Since there is no hook shank or weight to disturb the profile or action you are getting the maximum potential from your Hollow Bodied Swimbait without affecting the action.

Also fitted with a bottom attachment loop for the addition of a stinger hook on the bottom of the bait when needed for short strikers.

Using fishing glue like Mend-It to seal up the point of entry of the insert and any tears will help extend the life of your bait.

1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 - 3 Per Pack
3/4 - 2 Per Pack
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