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Decoy Jig 53F Hover Shot Hook

Decoy Jig 53F Hover Shot Hook

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Built specifically for the cutting-edge Japanese technique of hover strolling, the Decoy JIG53F Hover Strolling Hook works to provide a lively finesse presentation that domestic bass have never seen. 
Considered one of the most effective finesse techniques in recent years, the Decoy JIG53F Hover Strolling Hook features a 60-degree flat eye construction that allows it to be threaded along the spine of small, nail-weighted soft plastics.

This unique rigging creates a perfectly horizontal presentation with slight tension, but falls towards the bottom with a slack line, perfectly imitating the action of panicked baitfish. 
For lightning fast penetration, the Decoy JIG53F Hover Strolling Hook is built with a fine wire and covered with a Silky F coat (fluorine plating) for seamless hook up and increased penetrating power.
Complete with a Side Lock Press that allows anglers to fine tune the presentation with custom worm keeper, the Decoy JIG53F Hover Strolling Hook delivers unmatched finesse appeal.

A jig hook with a special shape that increases hooking efficiency by arranging the horizontal eye that gives resistance and amplifies the operation feeling at an angle of 60 degrees to increase the gap width. In the amazing technique "hobust" that makes even tough bass use its mouth, this model is suitable for not only the action of effectively swinging the tail, but also the dirt action and i-shaped pull that is the trigger to bite.

In addition, you can make your own jig head using weights, as well as high-dimensional support for finesse methods using hooks alone.

Side lock press (serrated) processing for easy retrofitting of keepers, like a bobber stopper etc.
(Bobber Stoppers fit firmly on hook shank make a great bait keeper)

9 Per Pack 
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