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Deps 3" Deathadder

Deps 3" Deathadder

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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An unparalleled semi-living body.Since its debut, the "Death Adder" series has built a new era of soft bait with a track record of killing an order of magnitude of big bass and the overwhelming power of bringing big bass to anyone.
The body shape that wears the water stream and the realistic tight vibration created by the sharply narrowed tail create an explosive fishing result that makes the minnow-eater big bass use their mouths without discomfort.
The high adaptability of "Death Adder", which can be said to be a standard now, demonstrates high actual fishing performance not only in no sinkers, jig head rigs, Texas rigs, but also in wacky rigs, down shot rigs, spinnerbait trailers, etc.

The silhouette, which features a wide body with a deformed bait fish and a sharply narrowed tail, is suitable for a wide range of rigs.
In addition, the ultra-soft material with a salt content of 25% provides excellent castability and natural falling action that can be blown off even with no sinkers.
Deep groove that enhances the hookup rate and weedless effect in vertical settings using offset hooks such as no sinkers and Texas rigs.

* 3inch contains crustacean ingredients that fish eaters like and stimulates with taste and smell. It is very effective not only for bass but also for salt water targets.

- Horizontal presentation
With a no sinker rig with an offset hook, you can see dead slow fall and sharp dirt while firmly receiving the resistance of water.
In addition, bottom bumping with a jig head and rubber jig causes water push with a slow movement.

- Vertical presentation
With a no sinker rig that uses an offset hook, you can show wobbling and fall action, and if you set it on a jig head, rubber jig, or spinnerbait trailer, you can see a tingling and baitfish-like swimming.

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