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Deps 4" Barbute

Deps 4" Barbute

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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4" Barbute Craw Chunk / Trailer
With the high appeal power hidden in the compact body, "Barbuta" guides a selective bass that hesitates to bite, to bite.
At first glance, the design is simple, but the body has an edgy reverse tapered rib that grabs water, a tail that grabs water even in short ranges and slow actions, and a center tail that sways in small vibrations, kickback action and jig trailer The "Balbuta", which can handle not only Texas and various rigs such as down shots, Carolina rigs and free rigs.
A compact body that can be used for ripping through cover and with swim jigs.
While eliminating unnecessary parts that are entwined with the cover, the edgy reverse taper ribs make it a compact body that grabs water and appeals to the surroundings.
The material is a 10% salt ultra-soft material with high tensile strength and good needle holding, and the crustacean component that fish eaters like is blended, and it appeals to the surroundings even with taste and smell.
The flat tail extending from the cylindrical arm grabs water even with a small stream of water and stirs the water with an action like a twin-engine propeller, enabling slow deployment such as short range, swim jig and light flip.
The protrusions on the tip of the tail also play a role in catching water.
The oval-shaped center tail, which expands toward the tip that vibrates in small steps due to the water flow, generates kickback action with bottom bumps and lifts and falls, 
A hole / strike hole with a diameter of about 1.5 mm that penetrates from the vicinity of the tip of the body to the center tail is provided so that it can be set straight without distortion when setting it on the jig trailer.
A rattle can be attached to the tip of the center tail.
The compatibility with the RR rubber jig is an indispensable setting for capturing the bass in the vertical structure. The bite is ftriggered with a slow fall and a small tight vibration of the center tail and a stirring action of the tail. 
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