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Deps Beckon Craw 3.5" (w/ Air Pocket Claws)

Deps Beckon Craw 3.5" (w/ Air Pocket Claws)

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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A large claw that seems to be oversized for a compact body but generates water pushing waves from landing due to high water flow resistance.Then, when it hits the bottom, it will slowly fall down while shaking the big claw to invoke bites.
Often produces bites when landing on the bottom and the first fall. 

The countless protrusions that grow from the form of crustaceans act to resist water flow, contributing to suppression of fall speed and short range action. In addition, the bite time is also improved due to the texture of countless protrusions.
The ultra-soft material with increased tensile strength and good needle retention contains 10% salt and crustacean flavor, imitating crustaceans in taste and smell to attract bass.

A particularly large claw equipped with a hollow air pockets can react from the moment it lands on the water with tremendous water pushing waves.
In the fall, the water flow resistance shakes the big claw and suppresses the fall speed, and when it hits the bottom, the arm bends and the big claw shakes and falls slowly, causing a bite.
Additives such as formulas and foam flavors, and rattles can be added to the air holes to add extra appeal.

The antennas that extend from the tip of the head creates a fine vibration with even with a slightest movements, and a sensation that  appealing power with a sense of life.

Use as a Texas Rig, Stand-Up Jig or as a Jig Trailer

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