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Deps Bull Flat

Deps Bull Flat

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Deps Bull Flat - A soft plastic imitator that targets the bluegill predator.

The bluegill that inhabits all fields from vast fields to wild ponds and rivers, and the bluegill form "Bull Flat" that has been put together in a size that does not destroy castability, has a bellows-shaped tail and tingling that can grasp even a slight water flow. The arm that causes slight vibration and the unique fall action show the bluegill's active swimming gesture.
In addition, the advantage of soft bait is not used for overgrown weeds and intricate structures, and it hits the bluegill eater hidden in the back directly.

Contains crustacean ingredients preferred by fish eaters, 20% salt ultra-soft material with high tensile strength and good needle holding reduces worm tearing and breakage, and stimulates with taste and smell (2inch contains salt) Rate 10%).

A material with a salt content of 0% that is ideal for rigs that can handle worms such as free rigs, Texas, and Carolina. Since it is so heavy that it floats on the water only by its own weight, it is possible to show the silhouette sufficiently during the fall, and by using it properly with the normal type, you can further extend the fishing result.
In addition, the salt content is 0%, so the transmittance of the main body is high, making it the best match for use in clear water.

The bellows-shaped tail grabs water firmly even with a slight stream of water, and shows a natural movement full of life with a jerk even in a no sinker or short range.

The arm, which corresponds to the back fin and the tail fin, generates a tingling micro-vibration wave that is of interest to a threaded bass when left unattended or falls.

The falling of Texas rigs and jig trailers, the unique spiral fall action caused by the water resistance of the flat body appeals to the bluegill eater who is overlooking the monotonous fall action and brings it to the bite.
Free Texas sinkers for slower wide, fixed and jig trailers for tighter spiral fall action.

Fast-paced rod actions such as lift and fall with bottom bump action and shake of heavy down shot, the water push by the kickback action of the bellows-shaped tail and the slight vibration caused by the arm show the unsuspecting bluegill action that screams at the bottom.

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