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Deps Clap Craw

Deps Clap Craw

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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An evolution of the claw worm.

The "Clap Claw", which has a unique concept for use in finesse rigs, has a slender shrimp silhouette and is a strong ally in tough conditions.
The unique action of spreading and closing both arms and the ultra-fine legs that tremble tightly with a slurp not only enable delicate attacks with wacky rigs, but also stay and cover so that the bottoming posture that sticks to the bottom is hidden. It is effective for difficult buses in scarce areas.
In addition, the slim body slips through without stress even when the cover is captured by the Texas rig, and the bass is pulled out from the cover that has been attacked with the unobtrusive appeal of the ultra-fine legs.
"Clap Claw" that supports all irregular rigs can be a trump card to capture Bass with a number of tricky methods.

The slender and volume-reduced shrimp silhouette, combined with the arched arm that holds down the water, the ultra-fine legs that boast high response, and the complex water flow due to the ribs provided in the belly part, demonstrates its power in tough conditions. Uses a high density salty material that maximizes the characteristics of clap claws.
The arm design that holds down the water invites the bass with its unique action of opening and closing while fluttering.

The voluntary action shown on the jig trailer, which slowly collapses after the bottom is worn and spreads and closes both arms, brings a tough bass to the bite with a natural appeal.




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