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Deps Kincoo Air Worm 13"

Deps Kincoo Air Worm 13"

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Featuring embedded air holes throughout the entire body to boost flexibility and buoyancy, the Deps Kincoo Air Worm uses the magic of air to breathe life into this big-bodied worm and produce erratic action with the addition of bubbles. Built with small fine ribs to create unpredictable action movements with minimal input, the Kincoo Air Worm appears like an easy meal with a long knife tail that vibrates enticingly as it falls through the water column to trigger the lateral line of curious bass.

A versatile bait that can be fished effectively in many different ways, try rigging the Kincoo Air Worm on a jig head or Texas rig to create a gentle spiraling action on the fall that’s deadly for suspended fish. When ‘dead-sticking’ or imparting longer pauses, anglers can use slight line tension with wacky or neko rigs as the thick body of the worm flutters slowly to the lake bottom and generates resistance as it falls.

Infused with a unique crustacean scent made from crushed crawfish and shrimp, these worms have the texture and high salt content to create a highly realistic presentation that makes fish hold on longer and gives you more time to set the hook. Available in a variety of proven fish-catching colors, the Deps Kincoo Air Worm is redesigned with air to stimulate the most finicky fish and deliver a whole new level of big-bass attraction.

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