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Deps MT WAKE Jointed Wake Bait

Deps MT WAKE Jointed Wake Bait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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High response wake bait that pushes through the cover.
The joint wake bait "MT Wake", which has a wide lip that does not match the body size and has excellent snagless ability, has a high response setting that eliminates the neutral period, and it has an outstanding swim, short range and pin. It responds to spot capture at a high level.
In retrieve, where the joint body is twisted from the water surface to just below the water surface while making waves, the characteristic large blade that synchronizes with the action and oscillates rubs against the body and eyes, generating scratch sound and flushing, and it becomes a bite.
  • The body that emits a rounded natural water pushing wave reminiscent of a small animal has a wide lip, a horizontal floating posture with a deep draft position, and a high response action that the joint body shows to quickly grab water, so you can shoot in a short range and keep shooting well. It supports high-dimensional use in targeted pin spots.
    In addition, the tail body with large amplitude has 6 small-diameter stainless steel rattles built-in to enhance its appeal.

  • The vertically set wide coffin lip with a width of over 30 mm scrapes the cover such as branches and floating objects, greatly avoiding the stress of stacks and floating objects getting entangled.
    With high snagless performance, it enables a tighter cover-conscious capture.
    The protrusion that suppresses the floating direction of the hook greatly reduces the stress that the lip and hooks get entangled with each other. In addition, a large hook is adopted to increase the hookup rate.

  • The characteristic large blade # 6 attached to the tail is oscillated to the left and right as the body bends, making a scratching sound that interferes with the eye and body, and at the same time attracts the bass with a flushing effect and an appeal that greatly disturbs water. It will be a bite trigger to attach.
    It is also possible to increase the retrieve speed by reducing the blade size.

  • The basic action is just winding.
    By shaking the rod finely, the joint body is forcibly twisted and the movement distance is suppressed, and the shake winding effectively appeals at short distances and pin spots and induces bite.

  • Length - 95mm
    Weight - 1.7 oz

  • CAUTION: Baits can be deformed or cracked due to expansion of the air chamber due to the difference in outside air temperature when it is placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight, in a car, or in a high temperature place such as a tackle box while fishing.
    Be especially careful when the temperature rises during the summer, so be careful when storing the plugs. Please note that we cannot guarantee damage if care is not taken.

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