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Deps Sakamata Shad 5" HVY WEIGHT

Deps Sakamata Shad 5" HVY WEIGHT

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The Sakamata Heavy Weight Shad is a highly refined soft plastic jerkbait that produces an erratic baitfish action that big bass can't resist.
This heavy weighted version is loaded with more salt than the original version allowing anglers to target deeper water without adding additional weight while also allowing better cast-ability.
It's unique body shape and hydrodynamic profile has low water resistance, which makes it easy to perform a side-to-side darting action with even the slightest twitch from your rod tip that in turn triggers aggressive reaction strikes.

The keeled fins along the head also channel water downward and force the bait upward which mimics a shad jumping on the surface to avoid predators and also act as stabilizers when paused which allow the bait to fall perfectly horizontal and not headfirst like other soft plastic jerkbaits can do.

Molded with a deep groove along the belly for improved hook penetration and hook slots along the back to tex-pose your hook for weedless presentations.
Fish the Sakamata Shad weightless with an EWG style hook by using the twitching method and they are also very effective when targeting bass in deeper water by using them with a Split Shot or Carolina Rig. 
6 Per Pack

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