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Deps Tiny BullDoze

Deps Tiny BullDoze

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The Tiny Bulldoze incorporates an impact-resistant coffin-shaped polycarbonate lip that pushes through floating objects and enhances snag-less performance to avoid standing trees and weeds.
While maintaining the diving depth, it firmly pushes the water and gives a powerful wave while the menacing sound is generated from the 6mm stainless steel rattle built into the rattle chamber in the front of the body.

PVC material is also used for the tail fin, which deceives the bass with a more realistic silhouette while the PVC chest fin sticks to the body when swimming and overhangs as if hovering during a stay.

The hooks (size # 5) allow outstanding penetration with an extremely smooth surface treatment. In addition, the tin coat finish, which is close to the protective color like the abdomen of bait fish, camouflages the presence of hooks.
If you replace it with a feather hook for selective bass that dislikes the existence of hooks, not only will you deceive old and alert monsters, but also feathers will be sucked into the  the water stream, increasing the hookup rate. 


During a straight retrieve, you can trace from the surface to the 4ft range.
The powerful vibration and reverberating rattle sound of the polycarbonate wide lip is appealing even in tough conditions where the water is muddied or the surface of the water is rippling. The Bulldozers high obstacle avoidance performance will make it contact with structures such as weed tops and standing trees to trigger more bites.

Dead Sticking the bluegill-like Tiny Bulldoze with its realistic details creates the realistic appearance of a bluegill searching for food on the surface of the water.
The realistic floating posture can be mistaken for the real thing and is also an important factor when dead sticking to irritate and lure out the cunning monsters hidden in the area.
In addition, the riser method, which makes contact with the structure and stops and floats at the same time, faithfully reproduces the movement of the bluegill rising toward the surface with the ascending motion of the diagonal posture and head up.

Length - 4 inches (100mm) 
Weight - 3/4oz

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