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Duo Realis

Duo Bayruf BR Fish

Duo Bayruf BR Fish

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The first soft lure in the BayRUF series, the BR Fish. The concept is to catch in high-pressure areas. The characteristic tail that moves finely faithfully reproduces the vibration of the tail fin of a small fish. The carefully selected material eats well during bites, and the slim shape body does not give a sense of discomfort even to threaded individuals. In combination with "BR Head", it plays two roles. In the stab of the order, he shows a natural swim with only a winding and responds to the slow invitation in the night game. Sharp dirt action with reverse stabbing. It makes it possible to forcibly turn on the predation switch even during the day when it is easy to be cut off and when the activity is low.

Length: 3.3 inch

7 per Pack

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