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Duo Realis

DUO Realis Pencil 100 Topwater Walking Bait

DUO Realis Pencil 100 Topwater Walking Bait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Revolutionary Topwater Pencil

Designed to bridge the gap between the 85 and 110, the new PENCIL 100 will give anglers the size they need to expand the range of species they target with this model that fits right in the middle of the Realis Pencil range.
Like the other Pencil models, the 100 offers a moving weight system that ensures superior castability and a distinctive knock to call fish from afar. What makes the PENCIL 100 unique in the Pencil range is its free moving weight in the rear sound chamber that hits the fixed weight in the tail section, giving the PENCIL 100 its unique high pitched knocking sound.
With a streamlined shape that flies through the air the PENCIL 100 features the trademark Realis Pencil design element: a spherical chin design that enables the angler to initiate a walking action from the get go!

The intelligently designed ballast system not only gives the lure superior casting range, it provides additional services.  It has a dual weight configuration. One weight is fixed and the other is positioned to move on a track. This gives the lure a superior tacking action. “Tacking” is the side to sidetracking cadence also known as “walking the dog”. The impact of the weights also creates an amplified dual tone. This high pitch can be heard from extreme distances giving the lure more calling power.

Length - 3 7/8" / 100mm
Weight - 1/2 oz



The design of the body form and positioning of the tail hook-eye, reduces the air resistance allowing a stable flight posture. This results in greater casting distance without being affected by wind or casting styles.


With its swing design, it stages a brisk and compact "dog-walking" action.


By retrieving the line slag stronger than usual when the lure reaches the highest point during the "dog-walking", the lure splashes the water forward while diving.


By the moving weight hitting the secured hard spherical weight in the tail section, it creates a high pitch clicking sound. This appeals to the bass in various water qualities from muddy to clear.

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