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Gan Craft

Gan Craft Jointed Claw Ratchet 184 REALIVE Series

Gan Craft Jointed Claw Ratchet 184 REALIVE Series

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Limited REALIVE Series of Special Color for 2023 

Designed with Gan Craft's newly developed Range of Motion (ROM) technologies, the Gan Craft Ratchet 184 Swimbait is a flat-sided, multi-jointed, S-swimming big bait that can be used effectively with multiple retrieve styles. Built with a soft elastomeric ROM tail that swings freely for an attractive natural movement, the Ratchet 184 is a floating class lure that pushes water, creates strong surface turbulence, and delivers tight aggressive action on fast retrieves.

On a slow retrieve the Ratchet functions more like a traditional glide bait with wide gliding s-shaped action, using ROM dimple technology to increase its range of motion by adding a constriction to the main joint. The rear joint is equipped with an elastomeric ROM damper system which allows the Ratchet to produce this variable type of swimming action by adjusting your retrieve speed.

The buoyancy of the bait is influenced by several factors including water temperature, salinity, and the size of line you are using, but anglers can also add weighted stickers to the belly to get this swimbait to sink deeper in the water column. Ideal for pairing with high-speed gear ratio reels to bring out the best performance, the Gan Craft Ratchet 184 ushers in the next generation of Jointed Claw series swimbaits with a design that specializes in surface rippling action.

Length                   Weight          Class
7" (180mm)         2-1/2oz         Floating

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