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Geecrack 3.8" BaoBab Hog EX

Geecrack 3.8" BaoBab Hog EX

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The Geecrack BaoBab Hog EX Creature Bait is a feature-rich new addition to the soft plastics market. To help fish feel your bait’s presence and locate it in low visibility areas, the body features rings that trap and hold a tremendous amount of water and create waves to tickle the lateral lines of bass. In addition to imparting enticing action and water disturbance, the rings also do an exceptional job of hiding your hook point for a more stealthy and weedless approach.

Protruding from the ringed body, the Geecrack Bao Bab Hog EX Creature Bait offers both large flapping claws as well as auxiliary appendages extending out from the sides for an abundance of action and motion predatory fish won’t be able to ignore. The two large claws are pocked with nubs to not only increase the texture variation but also to increase water disturbance and decrease the chances of it getting stuck on subsurface structures. An excellent addition to your favorite jig, Texas rig, Carolina rig, or Jika rig, the Geecrack Bao Bab Hog EX Creature Bait is designed to bring in the Hawgs!

Geecrack's original S.A.F material is used in making the Bellows Craw which is the scent and taste that will cause the fish to hold onto the lure longer.

S.A.F = Salt + Amino + Flavor

Length - 3.8"
6 Per Pack
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