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Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait

Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait is an ultra-realistic three-jointed Bluegill shaped bait.

Bluegill usually hide around and inside old tree stumps, laydowns and other types of cover. 
The Geecrack Gilling swimbait imitates a bluegill attracting Bass to it with its natural swimming motions and realism.
When using a slow and steady retrieve it will move lazily along without caution and when the retrieve is sped up it will imitate a Bluegill in distress trying to flee its predator.

Length - 125 mm (4.9")

Weight Floating Model - 1.3 oz
Weight Suspending Model - 1.34 oz

Techniques by Mr Morinaga
When using a Gilling Swimait, using a steady retrieve or stop and go has been very effective for many anglers.

Mr Morigana has used a technique he calls "Bottom Up" to catch many of his big Largemouth. 
To do this, cast the Gilling letting it fall smoothly while avoiding slack line to the bottom. Once on the bottom, lift the Gilling up off of the bottom by pulling your rod tip up with long steady strokes. This imitates a Bluegill trying to escape towards the surface.

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