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Geecrack Su-Paku Swimmer 95 SS

Geecrack Su-Paku Swimmer 95 SS

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Lake Biwa Akira Guide A 3-joint lure supervised by Akira Saito. 

3-joint lure "Super Swimmer" supervised by Mr. Akira, who is familiar with the Su-Paku. This super swimmer was created as a different type of attack from the I-shaped attack. With this lure, you can get fish that cannot be pulled out using the I-shape to use the pull-out opening.

The eyes of the front and rear hooks rotate on swivels making it more difficult to lose fish once hooked
The tail part uses soft plastic worm material, making it possible to produce soft action like a real baitfish.

Weight - 1/5 oz
Length - 3.74" (95mm)

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