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Fish Arrow

Fish Arrow Heavy Poop Soft Stickbait

Fish Arrow Heavy Poop Soft Stickbait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Developed by guides on Lake Biwa in Japan, the Fish Arrow Heavy Poop Stick Bait is an innovative soft stick bait that gives fish a different presentation and helps trigger more bites in highly pressured waters. Made from a special soft plastic formula that contains 30% salt, the Fish Arrow Heavy Poop Stick Bait weighs over half an ounce, which allows it to sink perfectly horizontal very quickly even when rigged weightless to fish deeper water and cast farther than other weightless stick worms on the market. The special material also provides exceptional durability that is able to hold hook points firmly in place for weedless presentations and won’t tear up as easily as other soft stick worms.

Molded with a textured back and two large claw formations, the Fish Arrow Heavy Poop Stick Bait mimics a large crawfish in a tucked position when sitting on the bottom, which resembles a large protein packed meal for hungry bass. The deep groove along the claw portion also helps channel water and makes it difficult to rotate during the retrieve to eliminate any line twisting issues. Finished with a strong dose of scent to trigger even more bites, the Fish Arrow Heavy Poop Stick Bait is perfect for those times when you need to show the fish something different or fish in deeper water to trigger a bite. 
3.6" - 5/8 oz - 6 per pack
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