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Jackall Pikupiku 78 Topwater Twitch Bait

Jackall Pikupiku 78 Topwater Twitch Bait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Drawing unbelievable topwater strikes when twitched on a slack line, the Jackall PikuPiku 78 Topwater Twitch Bait rolls in place naturally to imitate an injured baitfish or dying baitfish. Designed with a unique curved body shape, the PikuPiku moves left to right with just a few light twitches of the rod tip as its distinct swimming action creates irresistible ripples as it slides across the surface of the water. 
Equipped with sticky sharp treble hooks and premium components, anglers will appreciate improved hook-up ratios and long-lasting performance. Finished with realistic 3D eyes, gill plates, and scaling, the Jackall PikuPiku 78 Topwater Twitch Bait is available in a range of highly detailed baitfish-inspired color patterns.

Length - 3"
Weight 1/10 oz

Curved Body
The gently curved body rolls to the left and right like a roly-poly toy in action, creating ripples as if a weakened small fish was writhing.

Stable Flight Posture
We verified the body shape and balance, and the positional relationship of the line eyes. Designed to suppress flight attitude disturbance and rotation during casting.

The Best Floating
Designed with an exquisite setting in which a part of the back rises from the surface of the water due to the balance of the built-in weight and hook size. You can take it out of the package and use it in the best condition.

Line Eye
An original line eye that enables to appeal at one point. By binding to the apex of a shape close to a rhombus, the fulcrum is less likely to shake, enabling stable action by rod operation.
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