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Keitech Glide Camaron

Keitech Glide Camaron

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Put those hard-to-reach bass in your strike zone with the back-sliding Keitech Glide Camaron. Constructed with high-density plastic, the heavyweight Glide Camaron is uniquely able to slide away from the angler on slack line at the end of a cast to better reach big bass holed up in vegetation or under overhanging cover. Not only is this unique action excellent for probing complex cover, but it also can be highly effective for targeting fish on beds with precision and a tempting profile.

In addition to the unique construction and gliding capabilities, the Keitech Glide Camaron is also molded with key design elements to optimize performance. The streamlined body that gives the bait its unique back-sliding ability is also home to smart rigging aids such as a channel in the belly as well as a deep slot on the top side to hide your hook point while creating a weedless profile. The belly also supports a small molded hole that is perfect for housing a tungsten nail weight to customize the Glide Camaron’s rate of fall and casting distance. The front of the lure is armed with three-dimensional claws and antennae that not only add a layer of realism and action but also help to stabilize the bait as it glides into its intended target. Loaded with scent and precisely tuned with salt to impart a back-sliding action, the Keitech Glide Camaron brings a whole new approach to the seasoned bass in your lakes.

Length - 3.5"

6 Per Pack

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