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Limited Edition Megabass Respect Series #51 12pc Set - Redeye Glass Shrimp

Limited Edition Megabass Respect Series #51 12pc Set - Redeye Glass Shrimp

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Full 12 Piece Set of brand new Megabass Respect Series #51 Redeye Glass Shrimp

Redeye Glass Shrimp is a specialty color with pale blue pearls based on a clear green pumpkin body, and realistically expresses crustaceans such as shrimp immediately after molting. Because it is a glass shrimp, it emphasizes the transparency of shrimp, and it is a color that has a different charm from the crayfish color of the matte coat. The biggest feature of this color is the change in color tone during forward and backlighting. When in normal light, the pale blue pearl shines faintly, and when backlit, a pattern reminiscent of a shrimp rises on the body of the clear base. In addition, although it is called red eye, the eyepiece is not the general red eye, but the pink eye that goes well with this color. As any angler who has ever lit up shrimp with lights at night will know, it even imitates the way the shrimp glow pink in the dark. It is a particularly effective color in weedy areas, so be sure to try it when bass are eating shrimp.

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