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Megabass Gorham 147F Jointed Wakebait

Megabass Gorham 147F Jointed Wakebait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The GORHAM is a jointed waking and subsurface bait with a mysterious presence that awakens distant neutral targets.

GORHAM's articulated body is equipped with two synchronized LBO II(PAT.) systems in each section. This patented moving balancer system significantly improves flight posture and cast distance, while providing optimal swimming balance for immediate action startup. significantly increased, bringing far-off targets within easy reach.

A dynamic, ultra-wide rolling wake action calls targets to GORHAM from greater distances, inspiring frenzied surface attacks.

GORHAM opens the door to new topwater potential, triggering bites from otherwise dormant targets.

With a slow retrieve, GORHAM's natural tail swing paired with the movement of its jointed body create an ultra-realistic, sinuous flashing wake action on the surface.

With a fast retrieve, GORHAM dives into the shallow subsurface range, moving with a large flashing and rolling action that generates bulging water displacement, triggering the active feeding instincts of targets who lurk in search of a fleeing meal. Work in a twitch to incite bites from targets hot on the trail.

The TWIN SPARK LBO (PAT.) is equipped with an LBO II moving balancer system in both segments of the lure. of helicopter-cast jointed lures. In addition, the two LBOs synchronize and start the action immediately from the moment the retrieve begins, eliminating dead water. The coaxial and synchronized weights generate excellent action stability, even in rough water.

Length - 5.8"
Weight - 1 1/8 oz

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