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Limited Edition Megabass Respect Series 12pc set #54: GP Pro Blue

Limited Edition Megabass Respect Series 12pc set #54: GP Pro Blue

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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GP Pro Blue is a standard clear natural color that has been used on many Megabass lures since the late 90s, when the bass fishing boom arrived in Japan. It imitates crayfish that have just molted, which are easy prey for bass, and the color scheme makes the most of the GP (guanium phantom) holo, which is more powerful in tougher fishing conditions.

At the time, Pro Blue was a typical color of a soft bait, but the fact that it was intentionally applied to the plug gave Megabass foresight. The pale clear blue unique to this color goes perfectly with the low-appeal and familiar GP Holo, and is very effective against big bass that are wary and do not bite easily. GP Holo's random flashing is also easy to adapt to the complex light of the water, so it would be interesting to incorporate it into the color rotation of the topwater game. At first glance, it is a color that seems to be effective in Clear Lake, but as mentioned above, it is a color inspired by crayfish, so surprisingly it is a color that can be expected to be active in muddy lake's shallow cover.

Full Set purchase will include one each of the following baits:

1) Deep-X 200 LBO

2) Giant Dog-X

3) Griffon Bait Finesse SR-X

4) Live-X Model 1

5) Flap Slap LBO

6) Popmax

7) Pop X

8) Vatalion (F)

9) Ito Vision 110

10) Ito Vision 110 Jr

11) X-Nanahan

12) O.R.C. (Over Rev Crank)

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