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Duo Realis

Realis Nomase Kozakana Hybrid

Realis Nomase Kozakana Hybrid

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Length | 3.5 inch
Weight | 1/2 oz

Building off the popular Nomase Wakasagi platform, the new Nomase Kozakana adds an internal harness with dual external hooks for better hook-up ratios during a straight retrieve!  The Nomase Kozakana is a soft bodied lipless bait that vibrates hard as it comes through the water.  

The rear treble hook is attached to a swivel also so short strikers get pinned and stay pinned.  The soft body is made of an elastomer plastic so it has great durability.  Designed for freshwater and saltwater use, the Nomase Kozakana features saltwater safe hardware and internals.  
Toss this at a boil or run it over the top of grass or around shallow water and hold on!

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